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Gabee Espresso Blend (100% Organic)

Gabee Espresso Blend (100% Organic)

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The Gabee Espresso Blend is our best-selling product and the perfect introduction to our coffees! It boasts a consistent taste profile, is easy to brew, and is available year-round.

Perfect for not only espresso but also drip!

It’s one of our darkest roasts and comprised of the highest quality beans with specialty grades, just like all of our single origin offerings.

Roast Level: Full City Roast

Cup Profile: Rich & Balanced, Full Bodied, Chocolate, Nutty, Plum, Apple


  • Organic Brazil 40%
  • Organic Colombia  30%
  • Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe  30%


  • Natural - Brazil
  • Washed - Colombia & Ethiopia